Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Antenna rework begins at ThePalmHQ!

After something of a ham radio hiatus, I'm back at it!  I was able to get on the air for three contests so far this year -- the ARRL VHF contest in June, the CQ VHF contest in July, and the ARRL UHF contest in August.  Now I'm scrambling to get some major antenna rework done before the ARRL September VHF contest....this coming Saturday!

The antenna stack that I reported on back in 2015 has been working pretty well.  But unfortunately my 222 MHz homebuilt quagi first turned 90 degrees to the rest of the stack (much harder to aim that way!), then went completely south when its driven element broke.  Happily, with the help of Jon, W0ZQ, I was able to secure a K1FO-style long-boom yagi for 222 MHz from the estate of W0GGM (SK, requiescat in pace.)  So that's going up in its place and should give me a nice boost on that band.  2 dB maybe?

Then, with the help of Donn, WA2VOI, I was able to get a 12 foot loop yagi for 902 MHz and a Tonna 55-element yagi on a 15 foot boom for 1296 MHz from the estate of K0FQA (SK, requiescat in pace.)  These two dudes should give me a serious footprint on those two bands.

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